Buying eBells

eBells are available to order and will normally be dispatched within two weeks of payment. However eBells are time-consuming to manufacture, and we are a not-for-profit cottage industry, so please be patient. We will advise you of the date of dispatch, and any delays.

Ordering eBells

Subsidised eBells for Young Ringers

ART, in conjunction with The Central Council, has launched a scheme to enable ringers under the age of 25 to buy eBells at the greatly subsidised price of £25 per pair. The Whiting Society has generously sponsored the scheme with £2,000, and further sponsorship is being sought from other associations and individuals. If you are a young ringer, would like to nominate one, or would like to help sponsor the scheme, further details can be found on the ART website.

Whiting Society sponsored eBells

Whiting Society sponsored eBells