eBells Support

Read the troubleshooting sections below to see if there is anything that can help to resolve your problem. If not send an email to [email protected] explaining your problem as clearly as you can, including the versions of software being used where relevant.


Physical Issues

Marks and Blemishes
eBells are 3D printed and some cosmetic scars, blobs and lines occur as a result of the printing process. A string of plastic may also come away and hang loose.

Damaged Bell
eBells are fairly robust, but could be broken if dropped or hit against a hard surface.

Cable Damage
Previous experience with motion controllers and our prototypes has shown that the cables may fracture if repeatedly bent in the same place. Cables can also be damaged by tripping over them, holding the eBells by their cable, or dropping them. The lifetime of a cable can be extended by always ensuring the cable is free to hang from the bell and not held tightly against one’s body.

Connectivity Issues

No connection
This is a common issue, and there are a number of causes. Please read the resolution carefully to determine the root cause.

Strike Issues

eBells do not ring
If your eBells are connected as confirmed by the steps in the previous section, but do not ring, try the following resolutions.

eBells do not strike at the appropriate point in the swing
If your eBells are connected, but do not strike at the expected point in the swing, try the following resolutions.

eBells are striking erratically or multiple times
This can occur after restarting or sleeping your computer especially if your USB ports are still powered when the computer is off or sleeping.

Swing Issues

Handbell Stadium images do not reflect the position of the eBells
It is desirable, particularly when ringing online, for your bell image onscreen to start swinging as soon as you swing your bell, but to stay still and not flutter when at handstroke or backstroke rest.

Button Issues

Buttons do not work
The eBell button presses are passed to activate the associated function in your chosen simulator. If they do not work check the following resolutions.